OurCommunityHistory.net is a partnership between the Community Library Network, Rathdrum Historical Society, and Post Falls Historical Society to ensure access to information about the history of north Idaho. It is funded, in part, through a grant awarded by the Idaho Humanities Council.

Post Falls Tribune

History doesn’t have to be very old. The record of who we are is recorded in our newspapers, writings, and recordings of today. It then becomes the history of tomorrow. With that in mind, the Hagadone Corporation has provided us permissions to archive what they recorded as the publishers of the Post Falls Tribune from 1980 until it stopped printing in 1999. It is our hope that you will look through some of these images, see yourself, your parents, grandparents, or even children and be reminded of the more recent part of our collective history. This is an ongoing effort and we are continually adding to the archive.

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People of Early Foundational Importance

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If you’re looking to have history distilled for you by local experts, check out some of the videos the Community Library Network partnered with the historical societies to create. There are many different topics covered, and you get to take a peek inside the museums from wherever you are most comfortable.

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Early Industry

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